Bob Smith joins Commercial Carolina as Director of Sales and Leasing. Bob comes to Commercial Carolina, from Parkway Properties, with over 26 years experience in commercial real estate, specializing extensively in institutional landlord representation and leasing.

"We are honored to have Bob join Commercial Carolina. He has always been one of the best landlord reps that I have had the pleasure to work with in brokering deals, while representing tenants. His ability to efficiently (straight line) get to a closed deal while making it fun and entertaining for all involved is a rare talent. Bob is a great thinker, team player and friend. It is going to be an absolute blast having Bob as a partner and I look for big things."     Rob Settle

July 20th, 2014:

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July 7th, 2014:
Commercial Carolina is Honored to have been selected to represent Wharton-Smith in their North Carolina acquisition and disposition activities. Recently, Robert Settle, of the firm, represented Wharton-Smith in their new Mid-Atlantic division headquarters office lease of approximately 5,000 s.f. in The Vanguard Center. In addition, Commercial Carolina has gained the sublease assignment for Wharton-Smith's former space in the Highland Business Park.   
Wharton Smith is a leading commercial, institutional and environmental  engineering and general contracting firm operating in the Gulf and Eastern Seaboard regions. For additional information see:
Our Physical Therapist owned-and-operated office provides the highest standards of health and wellness to improve the lives of our clients and friends. Drawing on over 20 years of experience, our highly qualified staff is certified in the latest techniques and treatments to provide outstanding quality care. - See more at:
June 4th, 2014:
Commercial Carolina is pleased to have been selected by PhysioFocus Orthopedic and Sports Medicine to represent them in the long-term lease of approximately 5,700 sf at SouthPark's Fairview Center Building II. Appreciation to Petr Vasicko of AAC and Andy Horsey of Cresa for their assistance with this transaction. 

PhysioFocus is a Physician owned, Charlotte, NC based Physical Therapy provider. PhysioFocus Orthopedic and Sports Therapy LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in providing top-quality physical therapy and treatment.

Commercial Carolina is honored to have been selected to represent "The Yolk" in site selection for new locations. We are seeking new Charlotte area locations. Below is a sneak peak shot taken at dawn of the soon to be brand new home of The Yolk-Rock Hill. Not much happening in this picture, but soon it will be busy with hungry diners in search of York County's Best breakfast spot! Be sure to venture onto The Yolk's FB page to learn more.
June 19th, 2014: